On-Site Ergonomic Assessment

An On-Site Assessment is beneficial to address the following work concerns:

  • excessive neck, arm, back and leg fatigue at the end of a work day
  • persistent and increasing discomfort and pain in any body part during the work day
  • progressive increase of pain in any or all of the body areas described above and sustained after work hours
  • tingling in hands and forearms during work tasks
  • eye fatigue in excess of usual vision demands
  • physician's recommendation for site adjustment
  • physician release for return to work following disability leave
  • loss of work time due to ongoing discomfort
  • continual access for treatment for the above list

Determining when an ergonomic assessment is required can be a daunting process. There are many products on the market, promoted as ergonomically designed, and guaranteed to reduce discomfort, fatigue, and pain and ultimately guard against Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) or Cumulative Trauma Syndrome (CTS). When the symptoms continue to grow and significantly affect work performance, despite the purchase and use of "ergonomic" products, both employers and employees alike are disillusioned with the term ergonomic application.

An assessment can be performed easily on-site within 2 hours. It can clearly determine what the true cause of the ergonomic difficulty is before expensive equipment is purchased or site alteration is initiated. The assessment report documents the exact ergonomic status of the work-site, in relation to the worker who is experiencing difficulty. Specific recommendations provide solutions, in critical order, to overcome the ergonomic difficulty and insure that the ergonomic challenge does not become a growing management cost. Recommendations are presented to differentiate between need for site adjustment and staff education and, if needed, physical site alteration.

Fitting the task to the worker is dependent on, not only the job tasks, but also the percentage of time spent on each specific task through the workday. Other factors, which directly effect completion of job tasks, are the physical strength and movements required to execute each task, the configuration of the work site and the health/physical condition of the worker performing the tasks. Ergonomics is a dynamic process. The assessment will evaluate which of the factors contribute to the ergonomic difficulty and how to resolve the ongoing work problem

Remember - Ergonomic application Works with Unlimited benefits to both Employee and Employer

For further information contact ErgonoWorks Unlimited to determine the need and scope of your assessment. For your convenience, a Request For Referral form is provided below for direct fax upon completion.

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