Who Is JayRay Consultants?
Jack Ray is a professional manager of people and projects with over 28 years of experience working with private and public sector organizations and inter-agency associations. With a strong focus on goals and a high level of organizational and communication skills, this independent leader/coach can bring you the desired results, whether working on individual client or employee issues, or resolving operational and systemic challenges for your organization(s). He has a network that is available to serve you progressively.

What is the focus of JayRay Consultants?
Project Management/Leadership/Coordination
Resource Management
Organizational Practices Development
Governance Practices & Structures
Restructuring Coordination/Design
Effective Team Design & Coaching
Systemic & Change Management
Service Delivery Assessment/Evaluation
Individual Issue Analysis/Resolution
Visioned Transitional Management
Executive Search Consultation/Coordination

Customer Comment

Your material is well organized and thoughtfully presented. I was impressed with the way, and speed, in which you captured the thoughts and articulated the positions. B.B.

Customer Comment

Your report is very good. It is clear, comprehensive, and reflects the detailed work you did. L.B.

How can JayRay Consultants help you?

  • Do you have an organizational or inter-agency issue that you would like resolved, but just never seem to find the time or resources to give it some concentrated focus?
  • Are you considering some change actions in your organization or community?
  • Are you experiencing some transition issues in your senior positions and would like the comfort of taking the time to make the next decisions the right ones, with a strong interim executive?
  • Do you believe that there are some good solutions to your issues, but just not the time to find them?
  • Do you believe that part of the answer you seek exists in your organization, but you want the comfort and stability of neutrality?
  • Do you believe that a concentrated focus on an issue is more productive than trying to manage it as part of an already hectic daily schedule?

If you have answered "YES" to one or more of these questions, then YOU ARE A PHONE CALL AWAY from resolution and successful outcome.

Why should you choose JayRay Consultants?
If you desire a process that is focused, timely, collaborative, flexible and efficient, you will call JayRay Consultants. If you want an outcome that is customized, realistic, implementable and successful, you will call JayRay Consultants. If you want a solution that maximizes the gains for your clients, staff and your organization, you will call JayRay Consultants.

97 Major Button's Drive, Markham, Ontario L3P 3X4
Tel. (416) 729-0139 Fax. (905) 472-9796 E-mail (rjackray@rogers.com)

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